When I was around the age of five, I loved watching models in their designer clothes walking down the catwalk during fashion shows. I remember telling my mother that I wanted to be a model myself when I grew up. Well, now I am all grown up, and whilst I am, sadly, not a model, my passion for fashion never diminished!

To me, fashion has always been a compilation of history, art, music, and culture. Fashion allows a glimpse of the world through the designer’s eyes, whilst enabling people to express themselves. Thus, I couldn’t help but study fashion and marketing.

Fashion has been a big part of my life since I discovered the magic of dressing up. When I was little, I always used to play dress up with my best friend and my sister (I even have photo evidence!). We liked to transform into a princess or a ferocious lion. Now I don’t dress up like a princess or lion anymore, but I still like to feel like one. Through my clothes I can express whatever I want, and for me that is magic.

I found inspiration in everything that surrounds the word Fashion. Not only the clothes are a part of it, but also the designers and their stories, the photographers and their pictures, the style icons and their outfits, the supermodels and their walks as well as the fashion trends, that have never gone out of style and turned into must haves.

I was amazed when I got behind the scenes of an always changing industry, that has influenced so many of us.

Of course, fashion isn’t my sole interest: I also am passionate about health and beauty. My mother is an aroma therapist, and so from a young age she taught me about essential oils and their benefits. I always found it intriguing what different oils could be used for. This interest was intensified when a few years ago, after a time of difficulties and feeling lost, I discovered the world of health foods and beauty regimes. Ever since, it has been an integral part of my life.

I think it has happened to so many of us, that we started to ask ourselves, what are we really putting on our skin? Can the skincare products be absorbed through the skin and get into our system?

That’s when I started to research about the products I was using and what the different ingredients could do to my body.

I found out that I was applying a lot of toxic chemicals to my body. I also realized that I had no idea about safe and toxin free alternatives. I live in Switzerland and at that time it was really hard to find the products I needed here. I also had to inform myself about what the words organic or natural mean and learn how to know which products I could trust.

This is when I read about KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr. That’s how everything started for me. I also read about the moving and inspiring story of Rose-Marie Swift and how she got into making her own organic makeup line (must read).

I changed everything I had been using until this point and after a while when my skin started to recover I felt much better and could see the difference.

But I knew it wasn’t enough just changing everything from the outside. I had to go much deeper and start with the inside; basically detox my inner system. I quickly recognised that I had to make some changes regarding my nutrition. Thanks to my South American roots and my mother’s best friend I also learned about the existence of superfoods and their benefits and how I could integrate them into my healthier lifestyle.

It was a big step into a better and more conscious life.

Now I laugh when people say that eating healthy is boring, because they think it means just having salad, vegetables, and fruits. I learned that eating healthy is much more than that. Knowing what you are eating and being able to choose the right things for your body and skin is powerful.

I would like to inspire people to go a step further and learn more about themselves. Maybe even to make some little changes in their lives.

For me Fashion, beauty and health food is the perfect mix to live a glowing life and to achieve a better version of yourself.

I hope to help people shine from the inside and out.

Lara xxx