Water Crystals


Every person that comes to our home for the first time, asks us the same question – ‘Why do you have crystals in your water?’

Many years ago, my mother taught me about crystal healing and gem water experiments from doctor Masaru Emoto. He was convinced that water was a ‘mirror of reality’ and that emotional energies and vibrations could change the physical structure of water. By exposing frozen water to positive speech, music or thought, water would form visually “pleasing” crystals. On the other hand, negativity would form ugly-shaped crystals (see the pictures above).
He also believed that stone crystals like Rose Quartz could ‘purify` the water. This is the reason we always put a Rose Quartz into our drinking water, to infuse the vibration of love, not only into the water but also into our body.



You can put any crystal stone of your choice in your water jug.

Good to know

I ordered my Gemstone Vial from VitaJuwel (bottom picture). You can find a distributor near you on their website or shop online: http://www.vitajuwel.com/en/


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