Fashion Week


Fashion Week is the biggest event in the fashion industry where designers can present their new collections to the world. At this highly anticipated event, fashion labels can express their personality and emotions through their clothes. During Fashion Week we are able to see the world of fashion through the designer’s eyes. It also allows us a small glimpse into the future of fashion and trends. I believe that fashion is a language of its own, for me Fashion Week brings the world together and lets us speak a language that everybody understands. There is no need for words… only style and expression. 

The first official Fashion Week in New York was held in 1943. The idea behind it was to move attention away from the iconic fashion parades in Paris during the 2nd World War. This is how American fashion began to bloom and magazines such as Vogue started to write about American designers. 

Everybody gets excited when Fashion Week arrives. But when do the shows begin? 

Fashion Week happens twice a year in the “Big Four” fashion capitals New York, London, Milan and Paris. For Womenswear there are two main shows, one in February (Autumn/Winter collection), and one in September/October (Spring/Summer collection). The “Big Four” fashion Capitals host Fashion Week in this order: New York, London, Milan and lastly Paris. For Menswear the two main shows take place in January (Autumn/Winter collection), and June/July (Spring/Summer collection). Beginning with London, then Milan, Paris and New York.

Another iconic event is the famous Haute Couture show in January and July. These collections are only allowed to be shown in Paris, due to the Chamber Syndicale de la Haute Couture. (Find out more:

Since the public’s demand for new designs and outfits is so high, there are more than just the main shows that take place during the year. For example pre-collections like Resort (aka Cruise) that is shown before Spring/Summer, and the Pre-Fall collection shown before Autumn/Winter. Of course designers could present more collections around the world, but not all are shown on cat walks and not all designers design the same amount of collections. Some only stick to the two main seasons and others are more frequent. 

Since last weekend the Haute Couture shows in Paris are taking place, they remain a visual delight since their beginning in the early 1700s…



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