RMS Beauty


Rose-Marie Swift’s story is one of the reasons I completely changed to organic skincare and make-up. RMS experienced many health problems, which after a series of tests she discovered where caused by different toxins in skincare products. As a make-up artist RMS was regularly exposed to chemicals found in beauty care products and make-up.

This is the reason why she created RMS beauty. Her products are formulated with raw and organic ingredients to protect and nourish the skin. The products are created with extreme care, to retain all the nutrients and healing properties of the ingredients.

When I use RMS beauty products I really know what I am putting on my skin. The make-up line suits all ages and skin types. One of the key ingredients and the base of all the formulas in her beauty products is certified organic coconut oil . Other ingredients include cocoa butter, Shea butter, jojoba oil, bees wax, rose hip oil and many more.

I personally love her entire cosmetic line. I have to say that my favourite one is the ‘un’ cover up, against a tired look or dark circles under your eyes. I have tried many different concealers and they haven’t achieved the same results as the RMS beauty ‘un’ cover up has. It is a very light formula that covers and hydrates the skin. What I love about this one, is that it doesn’t dry out the area around your eyes .



As I said, I really love her entire make-up line. I would like to share with you my favourite RMS beauty products I like to use every day for a glowing and fresh look: ‘un’ cover up, living luminizer, master mixer, lip2cheek smile or lip shine bloom (for cheeks), mascara volumizing formula, ‘un’ powder, lip shine sacred or lip2cheek beloved (for lips).

You can also mix different colours together to create a more personalised palette.

Good to know

You can find a distributer near you on their website or shop online:


If you live in Switzerland, they sell RMS beauty at Greenlane in Zürich:


Make-up bag is from http://www.smythson.com

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