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Since June of 2016, Alexander Wang has taken control of the business end of the popular fashion label as official CEO and Chairman. In June AW mentioned in a statement, that this was a move to achieve strategic growth in the company, by synchronising the business and creative roles he could strengthen the dialogue with customers. In an interview this December with The Business of Fashion, Alexander Wang talks about the motivation behind his move and his plans for the brand.

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Alexander Wang is one of my many favourite designers. I like the fabrics he uses, the effortless style of his designs and especially the innovative cuts.

Good to know

Alexander Wang’s journey began in 2005, when he dropped out of college to begin his own fashion label. At the Age of 21 he was already the creative director for the AW brand. His innovative designs and creative talents were recognised by some of the industries most significant players, like Anna Wintour. He soon became a star designer and was hired as the creative director at French house Balenciaga for 3 years, from 2012 to 2015.

Since the early stages of his career AW received various CFDA Awards (Council of fashion designers of America) and other accolades, for his fashion genius and inspiring collections.  He is also well known for his collaborations with different brands and icons, for example H&M, Adidas and The Weeknd.




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