RE/DONE, the brand that revived vintage Levi’s jeans



Entrepreneurs Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur successfully launched the luxury label RE/DONE two years ago. The first fifty pairs of jeans they designed were sold out in less than a day. I have always loved their style, and this year RE/DONE jeans are a must have!

The idea behind the brand is to reconstruct old vintage Levi’s into modern fitting jeans again.By sourcing their jeans at rag houses they have created sustainable fashion and kept the Levi’s brand.The results are amazing, which has caused a new movement in fashion.

But how did all begin? What about those jeans that have been passed down over the decades and ended up at a rag house?

In the 1850s Levi Strauss, a well-known business man and philanthropist, sold goods at his wholesale textile business. Levi Strauss was approached by Jacob Davis, a tailor, who told him about a process he developed to make men’s pants more durable by riveting the pockets. Together they started to manufacture traditional work pants (known as ‘waist overalls’ at this time) as a new type of workwear. The result of this collaboration in 1873 was the birth of the cult blue Levi’s Jeans.

The original 501 jeans, first just simply called ‘XX’, with the red two horse patch and the tab, was very popular in the the 50’s. The time of James Dean, Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe. A time in fashion that still influences us today. Levi’s jeans have a long history and have inspired the designers of today with a product from the past. The brand RE/DONE is writing a new story in fashion by celebrating the cult blue jeans.



Shop Levi’s or RE/DONE online or find a distributor near you on their website:,

If you live in Switzerland, they sell RE/DONE at Vestibule in Zürich.

Good to know

Read more about the story of this two interesting brands on their websites.

Picture of the RE/DONE jeans:

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