Smooth like Velvet



It is believed that velvet fabrics have an Eastern origin, though it is strongly associated with European culture. Velvet was seen as a luxury good, and, because of the time consuming technique to create it, was only worn by royalty and the very rich. The fabrics were also used for items such as home decor and furniture. It was even used as palace wallpaper.

When velvet production became mechanised, it also became more available. It was used to add glamour und luxury to a piece, and the fabric gained popularity in the 20โ€™s. Velvet had then earned a special place in the fashion industry.

Today Velvet made a big comeback on the catwalk after having lost popularity in the past few years.
It really gives the clothes a touch of glamour and prestige, it can be worn with a classic and elegant outfit, but also with a casual one.

I picked out some of my favourite pieces from this season, which you can dress up or down, and mix and match however you like.

Have fun and enjoy!



Blazer from FRAME, jumpsuit from MADEWELL, wide-leg pants from MM6 MAISON MARGIELA, bra top from T BY ALEXANDER WANG, bomber jacket from T BY ALEXANDER WANG,ย  block-heel boots from GIANVITO ROSSI, sandals from VALENTINO, sneakers from ZARA, tassel bag from SAINT LAURENT, shoulder bag from SAINT LAURENT

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